Holly Louise Inglis

A Handbuilding Ceramic Artist

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Botanical Garden Project 2009

        From my initial visit to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens strolling through the tropical room I instantly envisioned Triffids within an extreme science-fiction environment. Henceforth throughout the centre I was engulfed with the idea of plant-like alien creatures hiding and moving within the foliage.


         Combined with the exhibition title of 'People and Plants: Partners for Life' , I recalled my GCSE English analysis of the poem 'Vultures' by Chinua Achebe which depicted tender love in association with vile beings. I relate this to the relationship of people and plants as we both are destructive yet still require each other to an extent. So I plodded forth with the idea of a monster to show both ugly nature and tender love.


         From research/drawing plants, science fiction creatures, mushrooms, slugs and octopi, I decided to use features such as beaks, bones and tendrils to create a monster couple, to represent the destructive love of people and plants, to hide within the garden's undergrowth.


          For this project I used four glazes and heavily grogged stoneware clay. This was done in 2009. The final couple are 1x0.6m together while the rest are roughly 15x15cm except one which is 60x30cm.

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